Culinary Focus

Culinary perspective more important than ever

When Plate launched, industry analyst Nancy Kruse wrote about a “culinary revolution” sweeping the industry and the vital importance of new menu ideas: “…the focus is shifting and menu is moving to the forefront, where it belongs.” The success of Plate confirms it. Menu decision-makers read Plate for a purpose: to find inspiration for new menu ideas.

92% of readers are inspired by Plate.

87% modify or adapt recipes from Plate for their own menus.

86% of Plate readers agree that “some of the best chefs in the business are represented in Plate.”

78% say reading about chefs in Plate inspires them to become better chefs themselves.
Source: Readex Research

All Food Editorial

Plate takes food further—giving chefs more of what they need and want

Plate gives chefs more of what they need and love: food
It publishes more food editorial than any other publication in the field. Of the total editorial pages in Plate magazine in 2013, 87% were devoted to the subject of food.* Plate engages readers in thinking about food; it is the perfect environment for food advertising.

*Source: Patterson Advertising Reports, Inc.


Plate starts with chef-to-chef conversation

Through conversations with credible chefs, Plate connects readers with chefs who share their passion and purpose. All recipes, photos and menu ideas are derived from personal interviews with professional chefs. They range from industry icons to up-and-comers, many “discovered” by Plate.

For each issue, Plate writers and editors interview 50 or more chefs. We tell their stories. Reveal their secrets. Show their creativity and let their talent explode on the page.

We connect readers with this larger “community” of chefs – other chefs they want to get to know and learn from – who inspire them and get their own creative juices flowing!

Award Winning

Plate earns more honors

In the past 11 years, Plate’s editorial excellence has been recognized more often than any other publication in the foodservice industry. Plate has won eight Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Awards from American Business Media and three “Eddie” Awards from Folio magazine.

“Project: Blackbird,” an innovative, multimedia, oral history of the making of one of the most influential modern restaurants in America, earned the honor in the category of “Best Profile.” One judges said the entry “redefines the profile category through being visually driven.” Awards are based on editorial craftsmanship, journalistic enterprise, innovation and service to the industry.

Past Neal Award-Winners

Project: Blackbird January 2014
Chocolate May/June 2011
Mediterranean July/August 2010
Street Food March/April 2010
Southeast Asian July/August 2009
Bacon November/December 2008
Egg Dishes January/February 2007
Sauces July/August 2005

Driving the Culinary Conversation

Plate is first to spot significant culinary trends

Plate takes food further with topics that are fresh and inspiring. We drive the culinary conversation in the industry by identifying trends, understanding markets and delivering experiences that push beyond the norm. The result is a special place where readers learn more, do more and succeed more.

Plate covered Nordic cuisine in the Jan./Feb. 2012 issue.

‘Rene Redzepi has helped elevate food to the same level as fashion…By trying to convey a sense of place in their cooking, chefs from Sweden to South Carolina have found that the limitations of geography can be an inspiration to creativity.”
– Time Magazine, March 26, 2012

Plate covered smoked foods in the May-June 2012 issue.

“From the culinary elite to roadside barbecue, there has been an explosion of smoked foods on American menus… New York City’s restaurant scene has grown so enamored of smoking that a former stockbroker started a company which sells specialty charcoals and cooking woods.”
– Wall Street Journal, June 20, 2012

Plate covered bacon in the Nov.-Dec. 2008 issue.

“Suddenly menus everywhere have deemed bacon an acceptable crossover. Bacon works in dessert. It means diners are changing their whole perception of food.”
– TIME Magazine January 19, 2009

Plate covered Street Food in the March-April 2010 issue.

“Street food challenges and comforts American palates, and its rise vindicates the culinary values of authenticity and adventurousness – both among chefs and diners.”
– NEWSWEEK March 29, 2010


“Restaurant trend magazine Plate, based in Chicago, recently devoted a whole issue to fermentation. Editor Chandra Ram notes that the trend taps into a growing desire among chefs and home cooks to preserve seasonally purchased foods, produce uniquely flavored menu items that tell a story and create pickley house-made garnishes that can hold their own with richer cuts of meat and charcuterie (also often house cured) that proliferate on menus today.”
– Chicago Tribune, March 2013

Plate covered sliders in the March-April 2009 issue.

Nostalgia aside, sliders are finding new fans in restaurant kitchens across the country. There’s no limit to the possibilities, whether it’s ahi tuna sliders, lobster salad sliders, or Asian pork-and-beef sliders.”
– CBS News, “Sunday Morning” November 22, 2009

Plate covered vegetables in the May-June 2010 issue.

“A number of top chefs are placing vegetables center stage, offering creative vegetable dishes and haute vegetarian menus.”
– The Wall Street Journal July 16, 2010

Editorial Calendar

How Plate engages its chef audience

Every issue of Plate takes a “deep dive” into a singular culinary theme or trend; thus each issue of Plate “surprises and delights” its readers with something new and different, something not found in other publications, with a level of credibility that derives from its being sourced to other chefs. More than 50 chefs contribute their recipes and ideas to each issue of Plate; we recreate their dishes in the studio and present them with stunning, original food photography.

This is what it takes to engage an audience of chefs – and only Plate goes to these extraordinary lengths. The results: 87% of Plate readers read at least five of six issues of the magazine; 91% read half or more of each issue; and the average reading time is an amazing 76.5 minutes per issue.

Eighty-seven percent of Plate readers say they have modified or adapted a recipe from Plate for their own menus! Whether chefs are menuing a dish today; planning to add it tomorrow; or simply learning more about their craft, Plate inspires chefs and gets them thinking creatively about their own menus, innovations and opportunities for growth. No other magazine so effectively engages chefs, or puts them in the right frame of mind, to respond positively to your advertising and brand message.

2015 Editorial Calendar

January/February: Charcuterie

Think charcuterie is just a few slices of salami and prosciutto on a plate? Then you haven’t talked to the chefs around the country using every part of the animal to make their own salumi, terrines, sausages and other cured specialties from pork, beef, poultry and even seafood and vegetables in their quest to create memorable charcuterie platters. We’ll demonstrate how chefs are translating the charcuterie traditions from Spain, Mexico, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and the U.S. to their own kitchens. Included will be great cures for tired sandwiches and the best hot dogs to be found anywhere!

Ad Close Date: Date: Dec. 8, 2014    |   Materials Due: Dec. 18, 2014

March/April: Israeli Cuisine

When Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi combined their Israeli and Palestinian cuisines in their award-winning restaurants and cookbooks, chefs all over the world took notice, pulled out the eggplant and tahini, and started cooking. These centuries-old recipes and culinary traditions thrive regardless of political issues and national boundaries, and have educated chefs everywhere on the power of this indelible cuisine.

Bonus Distribution: Research Chefs Association, March 24-27, New Orleans, La.
CIA Worlds of Flavor Conference, April 22-24, St. Helena, Calif.

Readex Advertising Effectiveness Study

Also in the issue: Sauces and jams; cooking techniques; appetizers; cocktails.

Ad Close Date: Feb. 6   |   Materials Due: Feb. 16

May/June: Burnt, Blistered, Blackened and Charred

You normally try to avoid burning anything in the kitchen, but a growing number of chefs are experimenting with their cooking to bring new dimensions of flavor to their food by taking food from brown to black. We’ll explore why a little char can be a great thing, and how to balance those flavors to create an unforgettable dish. From vegetables and salads to sauces and cocktails – all featuring the look, texture and flavor of burnt.

Bonus Distribution: NRA Marketing Executives Group, May 13-15, Chicago
PlateNight at the NRA Show, May 17, Chicago
Association for Healthcare Foodservice, June 2-5, Salt Lake City, Utah
National Association of College & University Food Services, July 8-12, Indianapolis, Ind.

Ad Close Date: Apr. 2   |   Materials Due: Apr. 16

July/August: Undiscovered America

You know all about food from New England, the South, the Midwest, Southwest and Pacific Northwest. But how about Appalachia, the Ozarks, or the Upper Midwest? Or Hawaii and Puerto Rico? Or the traditions developed by Native Americans, the Pennsylvania Dutch, or African Americans and soul food? We’ll go off the map in this issue exploring the regions and cuisines that are often overlooked but integral to the discussion of American food.

Bonus Distribution: American Culinary Federation, July 30-Aug. 2, 2015, Orlando, Fla.
Produce Marketing Association Foodservice Conference & Expo, July-24-26, 2015, Monterey, Calif.

Ad Close Date: June. 8   |   Materials Due: June. 22

September/October: 2nd Annual “Chefs to Watch” Issue

In our most anticipated issue of the year, we’ll reveal our list of 30 chefs from all over the country who are taking food further in their own kitchens and restaurants – to garner attention and respect from their colleagues. Their creativity and talent prove they are truly rising stars of the food world. We’ll select and profile these up-and-coming chefs and feature their fantastic food creations in this second annual “Chefs to Watch” issue.

Also with this Issue: Plate will host three celebration lunches for the Chefs to Watch that will be held on East Coast, West Coast and in the Midwest. Check with publisher about sponsorship opportunities.

Bonus Distribution: Society for Hospitality & Foodservice Management, October 26-28, New Orleans, LA

Readex Advertising Effectiveness Study

Ad Close Date: Aug. 5   |   Materials Due: Aug. 18

November/December: Game

We love beef, pork and poultry, but there are more meats to explore in the kitchen. As chefs get closer to farms and forests, they are discovering the depth of flavor found in game meats – from rabbit, venison and elk to alligator, duck and pheasant. We’ll get our game on for an issue focused on these lesser-known but flavorful meats. Coverage will include new-fangled burgers, tacos and wraps, stews, sausages and jerky.

Ad Close Date: Oct. 7   |   Materials Due: Oct. 21